Why is Fruits are so Healthy, If Sugar is so Bad?

Why is Fruits are so Healthy, If Sugar is so Bad?

Want to know why is fruits are so healthy, if sugar so bad?

first of all it’s not part of a healthy Kito plan that being said there’s some several things you should know about the fruit that
we consume now are hybrids which means that over the years they created these fruits to be sweeter and sweeter Honey Crisp apple
for example crisp apple has 19 grams of sugar, it does have 19 grams of sugar so we’re consuming more sugary fruits that’s one thing

secondly fruits should be seasonal if you’re consuming all year-round that’s not really natural

some people also don’t differentiate between whole fruit and fruit juice
they says they’re the same but they’re not the juice is not only without the fiber but without the nutrients because they pasteurize it
they heat it and that kills a lot of the enzymes allow the heat sensitive vitamins

so now we have basically pure sugar versus this which has vitamins and minerals phytonutrients and fiber
so it is true that these fruits have these nutrients which are protective against DNA damage against the complications of diseases like diabetes

for example however fruit has a larger amount of a certain sugar called fructose, fructose does not go to all the cells in the body like glucose does
it only goes to the liver and hundred percent of it goes to the liver that means it’s not going to spike your blood sugar as much
and if you consume fruit and check your blood sugars and you go wow it didn’t affect my blood Sugar’s it must be good what you’re missing is that all that

fructose is going to liver and the liver has to deal with it if you do too much it could lead to insulin resistance which will raise insulin
so if the liver has to deal with too much fructose it has to put it somewhere it converts it to fat and cholesterol and triglycerides so our advice is to the percent of the population that has a problem with blood sugars and pre-diabetes
we recommend that you stick with a small amount of berries and not to fruits, if you think about what is diabetes
diabetes is high blood sugar so why would we want to add fruit to that that’s going to add more sugar to a condition that is already too high in sugar