Feeling Sleepy After Meal?

Feeling Sleepy After Meal?

do you get sleepy after you eat?

sometimes people think that’s a normal thing it’s not normal to be tired after you eat
it usually comes from two different reasons number one when you eat you trigger insulin because and that makes the blood sugars to go high
because there’s high sugar, so if you’re taking these breads in your body and even sugar and especially combining like something like some soda some sugar with the protein
that’s a deadly combination or even some pasta dish you are going to get tired because the blood sugar effect

what you need to do is change your foods cut out the refined sugars, cut out the breads, pasta, cereal, crackers, viscous, waffles, pancakes
Add a salad with some protein not too much just enough like three to six ounces and then what you can do is consume a little bit of fat as well
because we had a little fat that actually allow us to go longer and without eating, be more satisfied so we keep insulin low

now number two it could be that you’re not digesting your food so the food just kind of sits there and you’ll feel bloated in that case

we need to acidify your stomach a lot of times that’ll just kind of perk you right up so you can do apple cider vinegar in water and drink that with the meal,
you won’t get tired anymore

so how do you know what you need ? well if you cut out the sugar and eat healthy and you’re still tired then we know you can’t digest so then we have to add these set of fires,
plus if the food sits there it doesn’t digest you feel bloated that means we need to actually support the digestion